Movienizer is a movie catalogue program with powerful features. Download information about movies of your collection, such as description, shots from the movie, the complete cast/crew list, awards, rating etc. Assign disc numbers and location to know where you keep the corresponding DVDs. Remember whom you give your movies with the built-in loan manager. Print nice reports, create catalogues for Dune players, and much more!
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Add barcode scanning support

allow for USB Barcode Scanner Support. iPhone/Android Barcode scanning support would be great also like others mentioned.
Jason Fulford, 08.09.2010, 02:45
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Add a short wait time for the script popup message before the main menu comes up. Add ability for the built in movie player to actually play movies I tried several types and none of them worked

TJ Anderson, 08.09.2010, 03:49
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Read only application for viewing on a disc - making it easy for sharing
Brian Gumbrell, 02.01.2011, 16:08
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Be able to print and alphabetical list of dvd movies.

FMJ, 07.09.2010, 09:17
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Allow movies to be linked together and marked as part of boxset

tag movies as part of box set or if download information on a TV series be able to link item on episode list to corresponding file
Alexina Milady, 07.09.2010, 10:14
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Add the possibility to enter a second movie title.

Please add the possibility to enter a second movie title (or alias). My native language is not English, and I would like to be able to sort the movies by the original titles or by the French translations. BTW, GUI support for other language is...
Roland De Bie, 07.09.2010, 10:35
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Create a Wish List Feature

Nick J., 07.09.2010, 11:06
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Be able to run a movie directly from it's description if it's location is on a hard drive

stainless, 07.09.2010, 09:52
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