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Connect the product with a DLNA sever (Tversity, Serviio etc..) to see details about the movie from my collection when browsing it on the TV. This can help me chose the movie I would like to watch now on the TV

I use DLNA to watch movies (stored on the PC) on the TV. None of the DLNA servers take the extra step of showing me details about the movies I have in my PC directory. It would be great if , when I browse my directory through the TV, to see some details about the movie - this will help me chose which movie I would like to watch now (I dont remember the details of all of the movies I have..)
I already pay for the DLNA server, and I would pay for this functionality.

Elad Messing , 07.09.2010, 21:05
Idea status: under consideration


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